We are sisters and Founders of this site. I am a single mother and have personally lived with Lupus for 2 decades. My condition could range from uncomfortable to life-threatening situations. I understand how frustrating you feel when you are not as mobile as before. Luckily there is light at the end of the tunnel – there are so many innovative products out there that would help you to improve your mobility. The older we are, the more issues we will have with our bodies. But thankfully with intensive research plus new technology, we have so many products in the market to help us live life more enjoyable. Finding the right product can be difficult. The amount of choice on the internet is overwhelming, and it can be hard to have confidence that you are making an informed decision. 
Our mission at mobility aids is to help everyone find the perfect product for their needs. Whether it’s a wheelchair, cane, or any other piece of equipment we want you to be able to compare and choose the perfect product for your individual needs.
We would love to share our experiences and research with you. We are hoping we will be part of your journey fighting back Life challenges.