How To Stay Healthy And Content Even In Your 60s

How To Stay Healthy And Content Even In Your 60s

Old age is everyone’s worst fear. But once it hits, you’re left wondering how you can regain your motivation and a sense of purpose. 

Many senior citizens are looking for new meaning in their lives. However, many people don’t find the time or ability to change their life around. But what if we told you that something as simple as a walk in the park could be the stepping stone for your physical and mental wellbeing?

Taking care of your body is just the beginning. And as you’ll soon read, there’s a lot you can do to turn your life around in your later years. 

Physical Wellbeing:

Everyone should take care of themselves, both physically and mentally. And for senior citizens going through aging, physical wellbeing is extremely important. 

Taking care of yourself begins with taking care of your body. Aside from physical activity, which we will discuss later, it is important to focus on your health. 

Aging brings with it countless physical hurdles. Therefore, it’s important to stay on track with your health. Know what’s normal during aging and what’s not—schedule regular checkups with your physician. Do not overlook any medical conditions you have. Always take your medication on time and as prescribed by the doctor.

And quite bad habits such as alcoholism and smoking. Smoking takes years off your life. And it’s never too late to ditch the cigarette for a safer alternative. 

Emotional Wellbeing:

Did you know that neurological factors cause over 6.6% of all disabilities in people over 60 years? Did you know that depression and dementia are the leading causes of mental health issues in seniors?

Taking care of your mental health is important. If you live in a nursing home, look for support groups and counselors who will help put your mind at ease. The CAMH suggests yoga, meditation, and breathing exercises for people with anxiety. 

And the best way to take care of yourself is to adopt a pet! Pets reduce anxiety and stress and give seniors a sense of responsibility and purpose. 

Spiritual Wellbeing:

A study published by the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry found that older people are happier than the younger generation. The reason? Spiritual wellbeing. 

Most people think that old people are gloomy and depressed, but the opposite is true. Old people practice better spiritual wellbeing and stay happy for longer. 

To keep yourself motivated with a sense of purpose, practice breathing. Breathing helps calm the mind and open parts of your cognitive ability you never knew you had. 

Ask any senior citizen, and they’ll tell you that the key to happiness is gratitude. So be thankful for the things you have and the life that passed you by. 

Physical Activity:

Who says old people can’t be active? The CDC suggests at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise every week for senior citizens. Keeping yourself in good shape with regular cardio and exercise will help maintain your health. 

Even a simple walk around the block can boost your stamina. Being physically active keeps your bones and muscles in good shape.

But can old people do strength training? Yes! Train major muscle groups such as the legs, back, and arms at least 2 days a week. 

However, if you have any ailments that could get worse with exercise, consult your doctor. 


Socialization is crucial for a good healthy mental state. Senior citizens face depression and isolation much like younger adults. And the reason has mainly to do with abandonment by their children or lack of a socially active lifestyle. 

Engage in your community. Socialize with your friends and relatives. If you’re like most old people, you’ll find it easier to talk to people of your age. They’ll have the same interests as you and will have lived through the same era. 

Healthy Diets:

A major part of your health is based on dieting. As the old saying goes, “You are what you eat.” If you eat healthily, it’ll show on your body and your mind. 

Focus on organic sources of nutrition such as fruits and vegetables. Whole grains and brown rice are highly recommended in this age, as they’ll provide you with the energy you need. 

In addition to that, to avoid cholesterol buildup and heart problems, cut down on fatty foods. So only fat-free or low-fat milk and derivatives. Before you follow any sort of diet plan, always check with your physician. 


How Do I Remain Physically Active At The Age Of 60?

Remaining physically active can be as easy as taking a daily walk in the park. Other activities include jogging, biking, and swimming. More focused individuals may try strength training while concentrating on major muscle groups. 

How Do The Elderly Optimize Health And Wellness?

Focus on your physical wellbeing first. Stay physically active and keep a check on your diet. Follow all recommended medical procedures and ditch unhealthy habits like alcoholism and smoking. Maintain good mental health by socializing with others and practicing mindful breathing. 

How Do You Motivate The Elderly?

Elderly people can find a sense of purpose by interacting with their community. Practice gratitude and kindness with other people, it will uplift your spirits and keep you motivated towards a good and fulfilling life.

How Can I Change My Life At 70?

One of the best ways to waste your life is to keep living in the past. Changing your life around doesn’t mean solving world hunger or becoming a millionaire. Simply being happy in yourself and practicing kindness with others will change your life forever. 


Aging is a scary process. But that doesn’t mean you should spend your later years in life sulking and being gloomy. With the right mindset and attitude, you can turn your life around and stay active even in your old age. 

Keep yourself physically active. Don’t let your bones turn to rubber. Engage in yoga and daily breathing exercises that will alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression. Talk to your loved ones to avoid feeling lonely. And maintain a healthy and balanced diet. 

Just like that, you’ll be on your way to a happier and more satisfactory life. 


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